Our money isn't democratic...

Throughout the ages, people have used money. Money is probably one of the most important inventions that mankind has ever invented, because it has made the trade of goods and services much more efficient.

Unfortunately, determining how money works for a large group of people has historically been difficult, and for that reason we have allowed governments to make these decisions — hoping they represent our best interests.

...But we believe it can be.

Times have changed. Technology has made a lot of the logistical problems of collecting the votes of all the individuals of a body of people much more efficient. Blockchain has made that even more practical and completely decentralized.

So why aren't we governing our own money? That's what Liberdus aims to do: allow you to govern your own money. You determine the future of Liberdus; you are part of a democracy.


The Liberdus cryptocurrency boasts many features; here are some of the most important ones:

On-Chain Governance

A built-in voting system allows for the parameters and features of Liberdus to be customized by the coin holders in a way that is not only fair, but secure and verifiable.


Due to the underlying Shardus infrastructure, Liberdus is scalable by design and transaction throughput (TPS) grows as the network grows. This ensures that the network can always keep up with usage.


Liberdus is energy-efficient and sustainable. It's not only sustainable environmentally, but also in terms of software development and network hosting. With a maintenence fund and ensured periodic payments to node runners, Liberdus is set up to be self-sustaining and eco-friendly.

Quantum Resistance

Advances in quantum computing are making quantum attacks a bigger and bigger threat on cryptographic security. We've designed Liberdus to be future-proof with quantum-resistant cryptography from the beginning so that your coins are safe.

Atomic Swaps

As use of different cryptocurrencies increases, we know that Liberdus users will want to transact with others holding different cryptocurrencies. We've designed Liberdus to support cross-chain atomic swaps so that users can swap between coins without having to go through a 3rd party.

Instant Finality

No one wants to wait for their transaction to confirm so they can get their coffee. We've designed Liberdus to have near-instant finality so that it can easily be used at any POS so that you don't have to wait 10 minutes for your latte.

How it will work

Liberdus is still in development but here is our plan for how it will work:


The Liberdus software will initially be developed by the Liberdus core team in a closed-source environment, supported by the Shardus project. Developers will receive Shardus tokens (ULT) for their contributions to the development of Liberdus.

Once the software is completed and tested, Liberdus will become an open-source project and further development and maintenance will be supported by a built-in maintenance fund, which the Liberdus coin holders will get to vote on and approve.

Main net and coin generation

After development is complete and the software has been proven on the test network, the Liberdus team will seed the first nodes and provide the software for anyone who wants to run a node.

A one time snapshot of the Shardus ERC-20 (ULT) contract will be taken just before the launch of the network, and holders of the Shardus token will be able to claim a one time equivalent amount of Liberdus coins based on that snapshot.

After that, Liberdus coins will only be received by node runners for providing the backbone of the network, save for one final 10:1 claim event based on a later snapshot of the Shardus contract, 10 years after the start of the network.


Here is where we are, and what we expect to see for the future of Liberdus:



The idea for a cryptocurrency that gives the power to the community through on-chain self-governance was born.



The whitepaper for the project was drafted by one of the Shardus team members.



After the development of their blockchain framework, the Shardus team launched the development of the Liberdus cryptocurrency.


Test Net

The Liberdus team plans to launch a test network at the beginning of 2020.


Main Net

The Liberdus team plans to launch the main network before the mid of 2020.

Interested in joining the team?

We are always looking for developers and collaborators who share our vision of democratic crypto communities and are willing to contribute their valuable time in order to help the project progress! Currently as the Shardus project is supporting the initial phases of development of Liberdus, contributors will be given Shardus ERC-20 tokens (ULT) for their contributions.

Come help the Liberdus team accomplish our goals!

Apply to join ULT


Here are some of the most common questions we've received about Liberdus:

What is self-governance? Why is it important?

Self-governance is the concept that a body of people are able to govern themselves. In other words: power to the people.

With many cryptocurrencies, the miners and/or the developers of the currency have too much power over the currency when compared to the average users of the coin. Liberdus is trying to prevent this by allowing users to vote for the future they want.

Shardus is a linearly-scaling blockchain framework that enables Liberdus to scale TPS (transactions-per-second) with the growth of the network size, and provides the blockchain infrastructure for the Liberdus node software.

If you're interested in learning more about Shardus and how it works, check out the site here.

While Ethereum may have more features like smart contracts, the benefit of Liberdus is that it is a self-sustaining ecosystem that puts the coin holders in charge.

As a holder of Liberdus, you have a right to vote on decisions that will affect the future of the coin, including features and fees. You also get a network that linearly scales which means no congestion and nearly instantaneous transactions.

Hey, we're glad you want to support Liberdus! There are a few ways you can help out:

1. Follow us on social media and engage with us! We need your support and feedback to make Liberdus happen, because Liberdus is the community! Our social media links are available if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

2. Contribute! We're always looking for strong developers and passionate people to help the project operate. If you would like to be considered for the Liberdus core team, click here.

3. Run a node! Liberdus will need independent supporters to run nodes in the network so that there is a good amount of decentralization in the network and the network is fair. Without node runners, Liberdus is nothing and no transactions can be processed, so we need you guys!

Once the software is ready, the Liberdus team will release a binary file to download and run and you will be able to join the network.

Check back in 2020 when the test and main networks should be operational for more info!

Have any questions of your own?

You can ask the Liberdus team anything on our subreddit!